Frequently Asked Questions

With our process the school works with the substitute teacher(s) to determine the agreed upon hourly wage, adds them to their payroll, and pays the substitute via their usual payment cycle/process.

Like you, we believe in being collaborative, supportive members of the ECE community. We also believe in easy, affordable, constructive ways for teachers and schools to find each other. Adding the teachers to payroll does this as well as allowing schools to find and hire teachers without any additional buy out costs or hiring restrictions. It also ensures the teachers aren’t subject to the pitfalls of being contractors!

Yes! Many schools prefer to meet with the substitutes first and build a community of substitutes they will reach out to first. Many schools have found this process beneficial as well because it allows for the paperwork to be processed ahead of time.

Yes! Thanks to our availability calendar that provides both daily, real time availability as well as future availability you are welcome to and able to contact the substitutes for both same day coverage and future coverage as well. In fact we’ve found the majority of the bookings are for future coverage.

Yes! You are welcome to book a substitute for any number of days, weeks, and months that is necessary and agreed upon by you and the substitute.

All of our substitutes are required to have the following completed prior to being visible on the platform:


  • Livescan fingerprint clearance confirmed with Licensing and System ID number
  • ECE units (completed and/or enrolled) with copy of transcripts and/or teaching permits
  • COVID vaccination record
  • Immunization records:
    • Pertussis
    • Measles
    • Flu shot or written statement that they have declined the flu shot.
    • TB test results
  • Health Screening Report (LIC503)
  • Mandated Reporter Training Certificate
  • Pesticide Training Certificate
  • Workplace Harassment Prevention Training Certificate

We know as preschool teachers it can be hard to take time away from our classroom for any reason really, but especially to take time for ourselves; even when we’re sick. We’ve heard from a number of schools their teachers have expressed great relief in knowing there was an option for a substitute and that a substitute was booked to cover their time off! It’s helping to improve teachers’ emotional and mental health! Imagine being able to feel the relief of taking earned time off AND knowing your classroom is covered! Finally, it’s not one or the other! It’s a win-win situation for the school and the teaching team.

We manage the substitutes real time availability, daily, so you don’t have to! Instead of scrolling through a list trying to call people while holding a baby, or making snack, or wiping down a table (among other things we wipe in preschools…) connect with someone right away who is available. Give yourself a break! We’ve taken the guesswork out of it and are doing the work for you!

Ratio Staffing is the leading resource for connecting preschools with qualified teachers. We provide an easy way for schools to find and hire qualified staff, and we make it simple for teachers to find the best placement opportunities. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we know what it takes to connect schools and teachers successfully.