Empowering Schools
to select the right-fit substitutes.

We bring the balance to the student-teacher Ratio. We have the substitute preschool teachers you’re looking for. 

Who We Are

We help preschools like yours decide who will show up at their school.


Every recommended Ratio Staffing Substitute undergoes a screening and interview process to ensure they will be a good fit for our partner schools and have the proper training and documentation to work immediately.

Organized Documentation

We will give you access to our documentation portal. Preschool substitute teachers will upload their documentation in a secure portal—allowing you to download their files for your school records.

Real Time Availability

Our booking portal reflects real-time preschool substitute teachers' availability. All of our Substitutes work for themselves and set their schedules. We recommend requesting 1 -2 in the pre-approval process.

Booking Made Easy

Log in to our secure members-only booking page and request your substitutes. You will receive an email and text with the substitute's information to conduct your pre-approval call.

Get In Ratio

Partner With Ratio Staffing

Join our growing list of schools that utilize our real-time substitute availability platform.
Level Price  
One School Site $125.00 per Month. Select
Two School Site Locations $250.00 per Month. Select
Three School Site Locations $325.00 per Month. Select

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