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I’m a previous preschool teacher, married to a preschool teacher that yes, I met at a preschool almost 20 years ago! My heart has always been with helping others and working toward a brighter future for all. With three small children of our own now (ages 7, 4, and 1!) these efforts we all put forth in this field couldn’t be more important to me!

Throughout my personal and professional life I was fortunate enough to be taught by and cared for by a number of different people from all walks of life. They showed me how we all win when we all win. They walked the walk of all those positive idioms we heard growing up (some with a twist); beauty and strength in this life comes from living in and with our differences, two (preferably more) heads are better than one, one day at a time, treat others how you (or your family) would want to be treated, etc. I can go on and on!

The world of early childhood education is a place where the best of those idioms and the best of our world not only lives on but is encouraged, nurtured, and practiced by the best people in the world. In the honor of these people, those who taught me, and our future I try to give back to this world all that I can wherever and whenever I can.

This substitute platform is part of that effort. I hope it helps bring exploration, positive challenge and change, calm, love, and support to preschool teachers, preschools, and the preschoolers!